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Welcome to our website We are happy about your interest in our company and our products. We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and rely on a trustful cooperation when you visit our websites. Naturally, we comply with all statutory data protection provisions. Our employees are bound to data secrecy and are regularly trained on data protection and data security. Hereinafter, we would like to inform you of the methods we use to protect your data and of the effects of your using our online contents.

The following information shows the methods we use to guarantee such protection, the kind of data we collect and the purpose for which we collect them.

The data you submitted will be used to fulfil and execute the user agreement. N&A shall transmit your personal data to its third party cooperation partners in connection with and for the purpose of using the online portal. The use of your data for system optimization, analysis and other statistical purposes shall be restricted to system optimizing purposes. In connection with the use of the online portal, N&A’s integrated automated message system shall not automatically transfer user data except for the user name and/or the nickname you chose when you created your user account. Such user name / nickname shall also be the sender’s address for the use of the integrated automated message system. Only N&A can identify you via your user name, other users cannot. You may at any time object to the transmission of your data to third party cooperation partners, except for e-mails sent for administration purposes. We do not forward your data to other third parties.

Upon full and complete termination of the user agreement and full and complete termination of all exchange contracts, your data will be blocked and cannot be used on N&A’s sites anymore. After expiry of the periods stipulated by tax and commercial laws, such data shall be deleted. You shall be entitled to demand free-of-charge information on your data stored with us as well as to demand correction, blocking or deletion of such data, as applicable. You shall be entitled to object to the use of your data at any time at no cost except for the transmission costs incurring in accordance with the applicable base rates.

Access data

By accessing our websites, you transmit access data to N&A that will be stored for back-up purposes and basically allow for an identification of:
- the name of your internet service provider;
- your country;
- the website from which you visit us;
- the search key, if you visit our site from a search engine;
- the individual sites you access on our website;
- the user tools (web browser, operating system) you use;
- files you downloaded from our website, such as pdf or Word documents;
- the duration; and
- the date and time of your visit.

N&A will analyze such data in order to analyze and obtain information on your user behavior. No connection to your personal data shall be established.

When does N&A collect personal data?

As data protection is one of N&A’s highest priorities, we strictly comply with the statutory provisions contained in the Federal Data Protection Act and the German Teleservices Act when collecting, processing and using your data. As a general rule, you may visit our website without disclosing any personal data except for your IP address. However, in some cases we require your personal data:
- when you register;
- when you participate in surveys;
- when you subscribe to our newsletter;
- when you contact us;
- when you use “My account”.

If you are a Commercial User, your data shall be stored to the extent required for the provision of services that are subject to costs and transmitted to our service providers to the extent necessary for the execution of such transactions. We use personal data in order to process services that are subject to costs in order to verify the user’s creditworthiness, to process payments, to prevent misuse of our website and in order to inform you on the processing of services that are subject to costs, products, services and offers.

What does N&A do with the personal data you provide in connection with the commercial use of N&A’s website?

We use and process your personal data only for our own marketing purposes.

We use your personal data for order processing and may disclose them to third party companies for this particular purpose. For example, in connection with an advertisement, your personal data might be disclosed to a graphical service provider who optimizes such advertisement for the website. The recipient of data that were disclosed in such a manner may only use such data for the execution of the order. Such data must not be used in any other manner.

In order to verify creditworthiness and in case of other legitimate interests, we exchange addresses and creditworthiness data with credit agencies such as Schufa Holding AG.

Naturally, you are entitled to revoke your consent to the use and processing of your data for marketing purposes at any time by sending us a notice. Such notice does not require a specific form and can be sent via mail to:
c/o Needs & Access GmbH
Kirchenstr. 62
81675 Munich, Germany
Telephone: +49(0)89/99 269 748
Fax: 49(0)89/99 818 840
or via e-mail to: [email protected]

What measures does N&A take in order to protect your personal data?

Every time you log in to “My account”, your personal data will be transmitted to us. In order to prevent disclosure to third parties, we encrypt your data using the SSL procedure (Secure Socket Layer), if you wish us to do so. The SSL procedure is currently the most common and secure data transmission procedure on the internet.

How do I know that SSL encryption is used?

We use SSL encryption for all sensitive data entries such as log-ins etc. During a SSL encrypted connection, a lock symbol appears in the bar of your internet browser. In addition, your URL is changed from “http” to “https”. These indications show that your personal data cannot be accessed by a third party.

For what reason and purpose do we effect credit checks?

We verify the creditworthiness of each subscriber and provider registering with N&A. Such verification is to ensure that there are no payment processing problems. This means the exchange of data between N&A and the credit agency protects us from any damage that might affect the prices for our services in the long term. Therefore, you benefit from such credit checks, as well.

Information, correction, blocking and deletion

In accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act, you are entitled, at any time, to demand information, correction, blocking or deletion of your personal data. If your data cannot be deleted due to statutory, contractual, commercial-law or tax-law retention periods or reasons, your data will be blocked instead. Please send your request via e-mail to [email protected] or contact us via telephone or fax (telephone: +49(0)89/99 269 748; fax: +49(0)89/99 818 840).


Cookies are small text files that facilitate the use of N&A’s online contents. Your browser saves such files on your computer hard drive. Of course, you can use N&A’s online portal without cookies. However, cookies enable us to provide you with comfortable functions such as automatic log-in. Most of the browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can adjust the settings of your browser in order to change that.

Additional information on cookies

What are cookies and what do we use them for?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on the computer of a user when he/she visits a website. Such files enable the operator of the website to show you specific information tailored to your interests.

Are cookies dangerous?
Every now and then, there is a rumor going around that cookies are dangerous for your computer. However, cookies are definitely not able to any of the following:
cookies cannot transmit viruses;
cookies cannot read hard drives;
cookies cannot disclose your e-mail address;
cookies cannot send e-mails unnoticed;
cookies cannot be read by third party web servers.

Would you really like to do without the advantages of our cookies?
Of course, you can adjust the settings of your browser in such a manner that it does not store any cookies on your hard drive. The “Help” function in the task bar of most web browsers shows you how to adjust the settings of your browser so that it does not accept new cookies, so that it informs you upon receipt of a new cookie or how you can delete cookies you received before.

However, you need cookies in order to fully use and experience some of the most interesting features on N&A’s website.Therefore, we recommend that you accept cookies.

Can a third-party web server (other than N&A) read the content of the N&A cookie?
No, only the web server that set such cookie can read it. This means no third party web server can read or identify N&A’s cookie on your hard drive.

Are cookies a security risk?
No, cookies are text files and not object programs. They can neither load data from your hard drive nor transmit viruses or other files.The web server cannot write data on your hard drive. It can only have the browser store the cookie file.

Can I prohibit the storage of cookies on my hard drive?
Yes, you can handle cookies in several different ways. You can instruct your browser to accept all cookies or to warn you before a cookie is accepted. Then you can decide whether you wish to accept the cookie or not. You may also choose to block all cookies. Please read the instructions of your browser.

For any questions on the collection, processing or use of your personal data or for any requests regarding information, correction, blocking or deletion of data, please contact us at:
c/o Needs & Access GmbH
Kirchenstr. 61
81675 Munich, Germany
Telephone: +49(0)89/99 269 748
Fax: +49(0)89/99 818 840
E-mail: [email protected]

(Revised: November 2016)





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