Advisory Board

Our international EU 5 advisory board provides an international view and objective information. We have payer experts with an in-depth knowledge from different european countries  who support us in focusing on payer relevant topics from an international perspective.

Land Name Position
Germany Detlef Böhler Payer, Head of Drug Department at SHI
Dr. Mathias Flume, MBA Consulting Pharmacist at German Physicians Association
Dr. Ulf Maywald, MPH Consulting Pharmacist at SHI
Oliver Harks Consulting Pharmacist at SHI
Johann Fischaleck Consulting Pharmacist at German Physicians Association
Dr. Holger Knoth Pharmacist, Hospital pharmacy
Prof. Dr. Daniel Grandt Medicines Committee of the German Medical Association
France Dr. Olivier Wong (background of an academic GP with an extensive clinical knowledge & a special interest in HTA, methodology & Health Policy.He sat as a voting member of the “Commission de la Transparence” from 1998 to 2011. He is still working on guidelines & management tools with a payer & a public Health perspective)
Prof. Lorenzo Mantovani Pharmakoökonom, Formulary advisor of several healthcare regions
Spain Dr. Oriol de Solá-Morales Physician, Formulary advisor of the Catalonian healthcare region
(Revised: November 2016)





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